SOLVED>Onion Skinning not working for me

Hi, new to the forum, not new to pixelling or ProMotion.

I have a problem with getting the light table to work on versions 7.1.6 and 7.1.8.

I haven’t used the light table since PM6.5 but need to for my current project. Problem is I cannot get it to display anything but the frame I am on. Yes I’ve gone into the light Table Settings and yes I’ve turned on the Enable Light Table For This Layer. I have read the documentation in the help file and watched the video at Tried the Light and Dark skins and tried new projects with a default palette. Also tried every combination of buttons in Light Table Settings.
Nothing is being displayed for me.

Note: Using Windows 7

Has anyone else had this problem or am I doing something really dumb?


Found Show Light Table under the playback window’s options icon

Hi @roblevy101

this option should have been enabled by default in both windows. Will make it activate automatically in the magnify window when it’s disabled in both windows to make it less confusing.