Space delay in animbrush

Hello Jan.cosmigo I know your busy with countless requests but please consider this one to go into your list of things to do. When using animbrushes I find that everything moves at the same rate. It would be great if in the animbrush prefs you could set it to delay. All that this does is it waits for the animbrush to draw it’s stroke then places the brush down according to the delay for example 100% would mean the brush would draw 2 times once in the beginning and once in the end 50% would cause it to draw 3 times beginning middle and end ect. Lower values would make the animation move faster than just 1 frame draw settings and it would be quite easy to make the brush look as if it’s going across at different rates with differant and or the same would also be nice if it had negative values as well.

Ok there is “Space delay in animbrush” but it may not like your thinking It took me a long time to discover it!. To space out the animbrush you have to treat it as though it were a regular brush. Note that the settings for spacing are not in the animbrush settings instead they are in the brush settings. The steps to make an animbrush space differently are as follows…

  1. first capturing the animbrush.

2.Next go to the top of the tool palate and select paint dotted.

3.In tool and Paint settings select dot space…“your value”

Now draw wiith the animbrush and voila it draws with space delay!

Sorry Jan.cosmigo that I requested this without first doing my homework…