Specific Font directory?

Please tell me if I am missing something?

Is there a way to set a specific font directory to look for fonts? I’d prefer to have something like a “GameFonts” directory to browse vs going through 100’s of system fonts that may not be suitable.

This would be extremely handy if not. Aseprite has this feature, or at least the feature to directory browse to any location for a font.

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PM supports a certain type of bitmap fonts as described here:

Place your fonts here:
\Pro Motion NG\fonts\


Jan, thanks, but I knew about bitmap fonts. They are just difficult to make and there are less of them available out there.

What I really want is just the ability to search for .TTF fonts, without it being the system font directory. You may have a couple dozen nice .ttf fonts that are good for games without needing to waste time scrolling through 100’s of fonts like Arial, Impact, etc.

It’s just a convenience thing. One collects lots of .ttf’s suitable, and designed, for games. 3x5, 5x5, 8x8 fonts etc, but all in .ttf format vs being a true bitmap font as you described above.

Also and it’s a little nitpicky, but for fonts to show up in the system directory I have to do a reboot. If ProMOtion just let me browse to a random directory, I could just load whatever .ttf was in there?

Understood. Unfortunately I must use system font resources and that means the must be installed. Only those can be rendered. A system reboot should not be necessary if you right click on a new ttf file and use “Install”, but I’m not sure.
What I could do is that you mark the fonts that you want to see in PM as a subset of all the system wide installed fonts or a kind of favorites option. Would that make sense?


This would be awesome and largely solve the issue. Would be great to have a favorites list.

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