Sporadically crashes during rectangle-select and gradient-fill


I am recently (latest version) experiencing many sporadically program hang and even crashes.
They happen when i’m using the rectangle-select or gradient fill.
The program hangs for a few seconds and sometimes crashes.
It doesn’t happen all the time, which means I don’t have a clear “how to recreate”.

  1. When it does, I see the borders of the working area (magnify window, the rectangle in which we draw) flashes colors.
  2. Then the user interface (toolbar, menu, window title, etc…) around the popup windows disappears.
  3. When it comes back, it starts drawing even without pressing the left mouse button.
  4. The drawing made without the left mouse button can’t be undone via undo.
    It merges with the previous undo step.

It happened in several projects so I guess it is not project specific.
They are image project, not a tilemap.


I’m not getting the same crashes, but I do occasionally experience the automatic drawing issue, described in step #3 above.

It happens to me when I save. After hitting ctrl+s, while Pro Motion is busy saving, if I start to draw, my drawing command (left-click or stylus) is ignored until done saving, and then even if I’ve already released the drawing command, it’s then that the automatic drawing issue happens wherever I move my cursor over my current open file.

I do this by accident sometimes because I incorrectly assume Pro Motion is done saving and try to resume drawing. Some of my linked projects are large and take a while for all files to save so I might start drawing too soon.

Like speleg says, the resulting accidental stroke that gets drawn isn’t undoable. It’s as if Pro Motion is totally unaware it even happened. To fix, need to either manually repair the damage done (if you noticed it late) or close without saving and re-open the file if you catch it happening.

Hi @speleg,

thanks for the report, also for the crash report you sent by email. In this one I can see that the problem could be caused by disrupting a memory portion. The bad thing is that the disruption was not done at the time the error appears but some time before and the error then appears as a consequence.
When these problems happen, are you always working on a tile map project, perhaps?


Hi @mathias,

will have a look at this. Does it also happen when using a mouse or using the pen only?


I’m not totally sure about mouse, but I am certain about pen. It does happen when using my stylus pen.
I just tried to make it happen with mouse and couldn’t. Might not have the right conditions.
I’ll be on the lookout, and let you know.

Hi @jan.cosmigo,

I was working on an image project with three layers.


Hi @speleg

I could not figure out anything yet. The only idea I have is that I provide a special debug build to you as a patch wiht some instructions about how to use it.
If this is something for you then please tell me and I’ll provide a download link as private message etc. .


Sorry @jan.cosmigo for the late reply.
I’m deep into a project and lately I didn’t see this issue happening.
I’ll keep watching and if this issue will repeat I’ll post it here.

Thanks for your great support. Well appreciated.