Suggesting a new mode for Global brush container

First, I love the update with all of my being <3

I don’t know if people would find this useful. But with the Brush container, Project is obviously tied to individual projects. That makes sense. Currently you load a Global brush file, or it is auto-loaded if you start PromoNG and recall a previous session.

My suggestion, and what I would like to hear people say whether would be useful, would be to have an option somewhere in the menus (probably the pop menu for the Brush Container window) to allow the same Global BRC to be loaded any time Pro Motion starts, and for it to save any edits during a session when Pro Motion is closed. That might result in a problem with really big BRC files; I don’t know.

But would anyone find this useful?
Thanks for reading.

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Welcome @intellisquid and thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem to add this :wink: