Suggestion: Auto scroll to active layer under a folder after picking a layer (resolved for v8.b8)

This is b/n ‘Suggestions, wishes, ideas’ & ‘Beta Version Feedback’.
But i’ll post it here anyway cause this came about from a feature introduced in PMNG v8.b7

The pick layer tool already auto scrolls to the layer when picked from the canvas. But this behavior is not applied when layer folders are present.

Below is a demo of the current behavior. We have to open the folder manually first, before cross-checking that we have picked the right layer:


PMNG V8.b7

Thanks for this feedback. Please keep it coming. This helps me a lot. Because I’m not really using my own software I don’t sense such details. (I’m just a programmer :man_shrugging:)
Done with V8 beta 8.

Thanks a lot, Jan! I do the best i can to help. Arguably, for myself since i daily drive your software. :sweat_smile:
Pretty sure the community loves the updates and support, too! :heart: