Suggestion: Selected color indicator in Gradient Panel

One of my top favourite things about PMNG is the ability to set up multiple gradients and cycle through them using hotkeys. It’s a feature I’m using all the time, so I find myself often looking up at the Gradient Panel to check where my current selected color sits within the range. Unfortunately it doesn’t display this information. It does display a separate swatch, with the color’s values listed next to it, but it stands disconnected from the full body of the gradient.

What I would love to see is a marker similar to that used in the Color Palette Editor window… ie. a ‘dot’ transposed over the currently active color swatch. Like this mock-up here:

I hope this is something that can be added.

I got used to PMNG’s way of communicating the currently selected color.
But I second this suggestion

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Thanks for the suggestion. It’s already on my long list. Because it’s simple to add, expect it with V8 :slight_smile:

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That’s great to hear Jan! I think it will help artists keep track of where they are in the range of the gradient. Especially if the gradient is composed of color swatches from multiple ranges stored at various places in the color palette (as is often the case with my gradients).

Many thanks and keep up the great work. :+1:

Added right now for V8 Beta 5 like this:
Hope you like it.


Yeah that’ll do very nicely. Thank you for the speedy implementation Jan!

Gonna have to see about getting the beta installed.

I just noticed that the two indicators you added in the Gradient Panel look really tiny. I suspect this is to do with the High DPI setting?
Do you think you can compensate for that, Jan?

Yeah, they don’t use UI scaling atm. Will fix this. Man, what DPI does your display have? 250? :slight_smile:

Haha… nearly. It’s 226DPI. (2019, 16" MacBook Pro @ 3072x1920px.) :sweat_smile:

Fixed with V8 beta 11

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