Super stencil feature (a kind of selection)

I personally like the way the stencil feature works, but I would find it useful if you could make a stencil to select a shape on a different layer.That way it would be a sort of selection would be useful if you needed to select something and it wasn’t the shape of your graphic. and of course, please make it work in 3d

When you use the “on canvas” stencil selection, e.g. hit “e” or use the pipette “pick from canvas” at the stencil area then current layer is only used to add the color to the selection.
But when you switch a layer then the selection is updated to match this layer and select the stencil colors there if the option “Auto update Stencil” is active:

Is this what you mean or did I get it wrong?

Yes I think this is what I was looking for I’ll let you know if I need further assistance on this matter Jan.
Thank you Jan your the best.