Surface Pro 4 problems


Im unable to get Pro Motion NG to find my Surface Pro 4 Pen. I tried installing the WinTab drivers but still cant find the pen in preferences.

I can paint with the pen, it’s just not working with things like the “right mouse button” to erase and pressure sensitivity.

Any ideas? Or is Pro Motion NG not compatible with the Surface Pro 4?


Can’t tell much about the real compatibility. I use the WinTab interface and every pen supporting this should work, but obviously it does not.
What happens if you go to File/Preferences and to the section Tablet/Pen Does it show your device name? Does it show the pressure there when you use the pen tip on the tablet?


Hi and thanks for the reply!

It’s really, really weird. I’ve had the problem since I installed the application and I had checked under preferences and have done a billion times after having tried different sollutions to the problem. It didnt show anything there… Until now… It now says Microsoft device and pressure sensitivity seems to be working. I have no idea what fixed the problem though…

BUT… I still cant use the pen button for some reason. It is configured to work as the right mouse button and do so in other programs. But in Pro Motion NG it’s not responding at all. I really would like to get this to work since it actually is more important to me than the pressure sensitivity.

Any ideas?

Again thank you for your time! I just love the application!


Ok… let’s summarize
It shows up as Mircosoft device in the prefs and you see the pressure value change when you press the pen tip on the surface.
It’s set up to use the right mouse button when you use the tip on the surface and that works with other software.

When you use it withing PM, what happens there?
If the right mouse button is sent to PM then you should see a popup menu if you tip on a layer entry in the layers window. Does this happen?

Is there a settings dialog where you can set up configurations on a per application basis? I know such settings from, e.g. Wacom tablets. There you can set up the behavior for every single application. Can you post a screenshot of this?