Tablet/Pen Buttons doesn't work as Hover Click


First, thank you for releasing new beta version with really helpful new functions.
I used and it worked perfectly as I set it up either to work as Hover Click or Click & Tap.
But, on beta version, the Pen Button Mode works as only Click & Tap.
Thank you for reading, Sincerely.

Thanks for the report. Indeed there have been lots of internal changes that are currently incompatible with hover click.

Fixed with V8 beta 5.

With mouse usage and drawing tools the contract is: if you start with mouse button A and then click mouse button B then the operation is canceled.
When using a pen with mode “Hover click” then doing a “right click” when pen is hovering and then putting the pen tip on the surface would cause a left click which cancels the operation. That’s why hover clicks have been ignored to prevent this.
Now the tool cancellation is switched off when using a pen and hover clicks are allowed again.