Temporal color?

Hi, there is any way to doa temporal color without using a indexed color of palette ?, like any phooto software, u edit the color without the palette

Can you explain in more detail what you want to do with that color? Some background information could help to answer the question.

Yes, if I want to use a color that is not on the palette, and I don’t want to change the palette, there is like a temporal color palette unindexed?

On the canvas the color may only be used when it’s in the palette. For just having a color stored in a slot you can use the slots in the color edit window:

BUT… when you open this dialog by double clicking in the color palette editor then the slot values are only stored when you hit “ok”. This would also modify the palette entry :frowning:

Suggestion: create a second project that is used for playing with colors.
Then you can normally use the palette entries and you can even copy them around, e.g. to the project where you want to use them. See here:

yea that is what i mean, there should be a actual color like photoshop that is no index and you can change it to whaterever without modifing the palette/index colors, but ty! :wink: