Temporary color picker tool doesn't activate

I wanted to color pick via pressing the Ctrl button but the icon doesn’t show up.

I tried to test if maybe the Ctrl button is stuck. So i opened a web browser and scrolled up and down. Everything seems to be normal.

In the demo below, i’ll be

  • scrolling up/down as is (zoom),
  • scroll while pressing Ctrl (switch color),
  • and press Ctrl as is (supposed to be, color picker).

temporary tool doesn't work

All “temporary” keybindings seem nominal

This was supposed to be the end of the report but i saw this unexpected behavior last minute.
Where only when the Move tool is selected and i press and hold the Ctrl button, some other icon shows behind it. Like a mirror of the move tool, maybe? Not sure if this is related, or a different issue entirely.

Below, i press and hold the Ctrl button on and off.
weird move tool icon

PMNG v8.0.4.0

Hi @cageburner,

when having the move tool and holding Ctrl you activate the “create copy on drag” mode of the move tool. This is normal.
Your key settings look fine, so I currently have no idea what could cause the Ctrl key not activating the temporary color picker :thinking:
Can you maybe export the shortcut settings into a file and send it over to me? I could then check if I can duplicate the effect.


Update: emailed shortcut file

Update: Sorry to necro this thread. But i honestly thought this issue was gone already. Until recently, when i experienced it again. I know this is hard to reproduce, but i have a different observation this time.

  1. This time, when it happened again, my usual workarounds don’t work.
  2. Then, i restarted the program as a hail mary. As in, closed and exited PMNG. Then opened it again. But then, the problem persisted.
  3. Next thing i tried is closing PMNG again, made sure there’s no pmotion.exe in the task manager, then started the program back again. The problem persisted.
  4. I just persisted working like this until i accidentally restarted windows (Accidentally. Weird, i know. But eeehhh. :laughing: ) When i started PMNG this time to continue working, and accidentally hit ctrl out of habit to color pick, i just realized that it’s working again!! rejoice! :joy:

That’s my whole update on this, this time, really. I hope i’m not bothering you with this too much.

Very weird. But I then think that it was some OS issue. So far, there are no other reports on that.