Tile Map / Export Tiles

Hi, I have been working on tile maps with Promotion and i must say wow. I did find an couple issues when i go to export the tiles.Tile Mapping/Export Tiles…
If i choose say to export as .png I can go ahead and type in a file name. when i hit save it adds the suffix .png which is expected. When i go to export it again with the same filename. this time i choose the already saved file *****.png, I get a warning that the file will be overwritten because it exists. When i do save it actually saves the same file name now with ****.png.png.

One other Bug i found is every time i go to export the tiles the save dialogue sequentially chooses the next export type instead of recalling the previous. in other words i choose. .png but after a couple of times i export the save dialogue come up its now on .tga

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the report. Should be fixed with next maintenance release.

Edit: fixed with 7.2.5 (pending update)