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Tile Map - Problems Going Back to "Modify/Create Tiles"

I’m new to Pro Motion and I decided to try making a tile map. I started by making a tile, then I selected, “pick/place tiles” to paste that tile on other parts of the map. But, when I want to make a new tile and I try to select, “modify/create tiles”, it doesn’t work.

I either still have the first tile on my cursor, at which point the program returns to “pick/place tiles”, I am able to change it back to a drawing cursor but I can’t draw anything; nothing happens, or it turns the tile into the new cursor and now I’m drawing giant squares everywhere. The only solution I’ve found is to leave the project and come back whenever I want to make a new tile.

I would show you a screenshot to illustrate what I mean, but I don’t know how to place a screenshot here.

Does anyone here know how to go back to drawing new tiles after placing some old tiles?

I assume you’re using the latest version, otherwise my response may not be valid.

To toggle modes, you can click the name of the mode in top toolbar but I recommend using a faster keyboard shortcut instead.

Be mindful of whether Sync Mode is ON or OFF. It may cause you problems if you’ve toggled it by accident, in some cases.

Thank you. Yes; I am using the latest version.

I have been clicking the name of the mode in the top toolbar. My problem is that, when I’m done placing a tile and I want to make a new one, I click, “Modify/Create Tiles”, but I can’t draw; instead, one of the things that I listed happens when I try to draw a new tile.

I have not accidentally toggled sync mode. That I am certain of.

I know I’ve had this problem early on when learning PM; I feel like I should know the answer right away, hmm . . .

In order to continue drawing after toggling back to Modify/Create here are some things to check -

  • make sure grid lock is off (left side toolbar)
  • make sure your current tool is Paint Continuous, not Paint Dotted.
  • reset brush to single pixel with period key (.) or use brush size settings next to fg/bg swatches in top toolbar
  • make sure drawing mode is just the default called “Paint” (Mode > Paint)

The issue most likely has to do with your brush. The Pro Motion workflow involves constantly resetting your brush back to a default 1px brush with the period key.

When/if the issue persists, try to reset your brush with period or the brush size controls in top left. Let me know what happens.

Hi @vanguard,

when you select Modify/create Tiles then you should directly be able to draw something, so this sounds weird. Even if you still have the tile as brush then you can use it to create a new one. Nothing should keep you from drawing.
Can you do a little screen recording and place the link here? Would be important that the whole app window is recorded so that I can look for some suspicious setting.