Tile Map - Some Tiles not placeable


I started a Tile Map Project by loading an Image and clicking on “Make Tile Map” and tried to place tiles from the Tile Library, but I am unable to place certain tiles.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a pattern yet, at first I thought that only tiles with transparency are not placeable, but then I tried to work with another project of mine, where there are a lot transparent tiles… some are placeable and some are not.

When I tried placing tiles first a Message popped up, which said that I’ve tried to place a Tile which is none, and that I should choose a tile from the Tile Library… but that’s what I’ve done?

Also I tried doing the same in Cosmigo 6.5 and there everything seems to work fine.

What could be the reason for this?
Also the Tile Library shows a few tiles with just some diagonal stripes, this also didn’t happen in the old Cosmigo?

Thanks in advance!


the areas where there are diagonal stripes are just empty slots.
Can you provide a project where the problem appears with picking a tile from the library and placing it done.



how can I share projects here? I can’t send/post *.pmp files here.

Thanks again!


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Hi @Deathdragon,

after a long time… This issue should be fixed with the latest version 7.2.
Existing projects can be fixed by:

  1. load project
  2. disable “sync mode”
  3. enable “sync mode”.

Hope this helps.