Tile Map TMX export fails to specify renderorder attribute of <map> element

When exporting a tile map to TMX file type, I notice that the TMX file was failing to load into my game engine (Construct 3). The error given was that “renderorder must be right-down”.

I looked up the TMX file format (at https://doc.mapeditor.org/en/stable/reference/tmx-map-format/) and I see it says “right-down” is the default value for the renderorder attribute of the <map> element:

  • renderorder: The order in which tiles on tile layers are rendered. Valid values are ‘right-down’ (the default), ‘right-up’, ‘left-down’ and ‘left-up’. In all cases, the map is drawn row-by-row. (only supported for orthogonal maps at the moment)

So really Construct 3 should assume it is “right-down” if it is not specified, and I filed a bug report with the developer. But it couldn’t hurt if Pro Motion was explicit in specifying renderorder, it might help in case other programs are also expecting renderorder to be defined explicitly.

By the way, I manually edited the TMX file and added renderorder=“rightdown” to the <map> element, and the file imported fine into my engine after that.

I must admit that I did not check C3 yet but only C2 and it worked there. Yes, I will add the element. It doesn’t hurt.

FYI, the Scirra developers also responded and agreed it is a bug of C3…in fact he said TMX export from C2 does not include the attribute either, and so exporting from C2 then importing to C3 fails…they will be fixing this in C3 soon.