Tile questions- max size and reaaranging order

Is the maximum tile size 64 x 64 pixels?
I can’t seem to extend it and i often use larger tiles on projects.
Also is it possible to rearrange the order of the tiles so that like tiles can be grouped easily?

Yes, there is a limit of 64x64. Larger tiles could have a bad impact on how the system works, but I never tried. What would be a good maximum size?

Please don’t think of the tile palette to be something to choose objects from. It’s only a list of tiles to be arranged on tile order level, when required at all and to select a single tile etc. .
Instead either create a frame where you place objects or add a connected project.
See here https://www.cosmigo.com/promotion/docs/onlinehelp/tileMappingPrimer.htm
at the “Tips” section.
The “connected” projects way will be improved with the upcoming “Summer release” which will actually an “Autumn release” :frowning:

There will be a lot of improvements and changes for the tile mapping engine.

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Hi Jan, thanks for the always quick answers. I often use tiles not just as a way of minimising resources, but also as a way of minimising downloads for html games. In this case 128 and 256 pixel tiles are not unusual. In addition, I often prepare pixel artwork at 2x or 4x resolution and then scale it back for easy antialiasing.
I’m intrigued by the new tile engine changes and look forward to the new release.

Hi John,

okay, since the release takes more time than planned anyway I will check if 256x256 causes trouble. If you have 256x256 tiles, how many would you use at max? I’m looking for a useful “worst case” to check with the engine.


Hi Jan, base tile count for the current design I’m working on looks to be around 160 tiles.This is a lot higher than usual, which would probably be around the 50 mark.

Hi John,

I just changed it to support up to 256x256 per Tile. Will be available with the next release.


When is the release that will have these larger tiles?

Also would it be possible to have some way to link multiple tiles together in the tile library? Right now if the window is scaled all of the tile orders change. I was hoping for a way to keep track of graphics that exceed the tile size/proportions.
Maybe some tiles could be fixed together while the others flow around the fixed ones.

To be honest it should have been published already but I’m absolutely behind my time plans. I hope to release by the end of November. I’m currently testing and stabilizing, but I also need to add some smaller features.

The tile set window is not made to let you select larger objects. It’s just a linear set of all tiles that are in use.
If you want to use larger objects then the best way is to pick them up from the canvas using the “pick & place” mode of the tile mapping system.
I know this only works for the tiles that are actually laying around where you currently are in your tile map (neighbor objects etc.). That’s why you can connect other projects using the same tile set. In a connected project you can then place all the objects you need made of multiple tiles and pick them from there. And at this point you can modify your objects there while all projects using these tiles get automatically updated (due to the shared tile set).
Also, consider using Shift+V and Shift + F to cycle through the tiles. (In the new version you will be able to use the mouse wheel settings to cycle through tiles as well.)

The connected project handling is not very intuitive in the current public version. You find it under “Tile Mapping/Settings…” and you first need to create a matching second project to be added to the current one. This will be much improved with the new version where you can directly add a connected project giving a map size etc. .

If you like then you can get a beta patch. I’m always interested in feedback although I won’t be able to change much due to the imminent release date. But tweaks are possible and it also won’t be the last release :slight_smile: Suggestions/thoughts are always welcome.