Tilemap and Tileset exported filename control

Is there a way that we can format the filenames of the files being exported?

In the current version it seems like the filename is a string built using project name, layer name, and what it is.

Being able to better customize the exported file name would be very helpful.

The ideal would be a interface in which fields and connectors can be added for the name, similar to photoshop’s batch tools. Having a prefix for the filetype, with user defined number of additional fields with a common connector, would allow for a flexible naming system that saves post processing the filenames:

choose _ as the field connector, 2 fields

would export

This might actually be something that can be part of the project settings, for it seems to me that it belongs there — i.e. set it once per project and forget it, instead of having to retype the names every time.

This way, export functionality will behave as default unless over-ridden for specific projects.

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