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Toggle show/hide cursor


I need hide cursor in some operations pixel-by-pixel,…


Hello Sundance welcome to the community. I have the solution for you.When using 3d pixel drawing on the right side there is no icon to show you where you are. Just make your image 2x the size in length than the height and set your delta to zero which is the default anyway. Draw but when you need to hide your cursor icon just look at the right side instead of the left. Although you won’t be making a three dimensional image you will have the option of viewing your work without a cursor. I hope this helps.

Hi @Sundance,

can you give me some more explanations about the use cases? This would help me to understand the requirement.



Works… for a mouse. I have a graphic tablet.


Is zoom-deppended. For zoom < x8 is very unclear, cursor hide pixels. For zoom > x9 is Ok.

Understood. Added to my list.

Photoshop has this feature.
CAPSLOCK key will toggle between “Standard” and “Precise” cursors for most tools, without needing to access a menu or prefs or anything. Just press CAPS.

Precise cursors are just a super minimal crosshair, like pictured above.

Would be nice to have this in PMNG too, for sure.

Understood :slight_smile:

Nice. This’ll be a good addition to PMNG for sure.

Pretty simple feature, but there is some depth to it. Here’s some points. -

So, a keyboard shortcut for fast toggling while working, BUT also a checkbox somewhere to also toggle it, right?
This way, anyone confused can just go to the checkbox and verify whether minimal cursors is off or on.
It’s my perception that some users simply don’t like being required to remember a lot of keyboard shortcuts - especially if they’re a light user.

Because Photoshop gave this function a one key shortcut (Caps Lock) by default, it has caused some confusion for newer users that didn’t know pressing Caps Lock would toggle “precise cursors”.
Partly because Caps Lock is more than just another key - it’s an operating system level toggle. So users that tab away from PS, happen to press Caps for whatever reason, then tab back to PS might find that their cursors all look different and they don’t know why.

Explicit To-Do suggestions -

  1. Add a new toggle for minimal cursors in prefs under “Large Mouse Cursor”.
    (I’d just call it “Precise Cursors” like photoshop does. It’s the same thing - why not just use the same lingo. Otherwise, “Minimal Cursors” is another seemingly apt name idea.)
    Should the “Large Mouse Cursor” feature work with precise cursors? Why not. It’ll just double the size of the precise cursor. Some might prefer this.

  2. Shortcut. Don’t give it a default keyboard shortcut, like PS. Let users assign one if they want. (to avoid confusion)

  3. Exclusions. While toggled on, MOST cursors become this new minimal cursor, like what @Sundance mocked up.
    EDIT: I suggest excluding the Pan Tool, Pipette Tool, and Pick Layer Tool. But not the Crop Tool.
    While drawing, it’s always important to know that you’ve successfully switched to the Pan, Pipette, or Pick Layer tools, otherwise you’ll likely misclick and make an unwanted stroke etc - therefore I don’t think these three tools should have their cursors minimized.

  4. Brush. Drawing tools should still show the brush (whether it’s just a normal round brush or a picked up brush).

  5. Ruler Guides. Drawing tools, such as Rectangle and Crop, that use the vertical/horizontal ruler guides should still use them, even though they can sometimes cloud the view.
    Possibly decrease their opacity if using precise cursor mode, since the whole point of precise cursors is to improve ability to see the canvas.

  6. Zoom dependent? I don’t think your zoom level should ever affect your cursor’s appearance.

could this feature also work in 3d so a user could see a cursor on both sides of the screen as well?