Tool box cutoff on small screen resolution

I’m new to using Pro Motion NG and I’m using it on a laptop with a relatively small 1080p screen. Which is why windows display scaling settings are cranked up to 150%. It’s the only level my eyes are comfortable with. At this (small) resolution bottom part of the toolbox on the left side is invisible. It there a way to scroll it or to make it double row?

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Are you talking about the Brush container window? If so, you’re in luck. Cause it’s the only PMNG sub window where you could control the element content size individually.
Just left click on the icon beside the close icon at the sub windows’ title bar and you’ll be presented with a couple of context menu options. Go to Size / Large

and provided you’re not changing the sub window’s size, you’ll have 2 rows of brushes like so:


Hope this helps!

PMNG v8.0.0.11

I’m afraid I meant the panel that has all of the different tools. Such as drawing, selection, fill tool, circle. I think it was referred to as “tool box” in the help documents. It’s supposed to have things like “undo” “redo” and “anti alias”, but in my case they are obscured and off screen.

Just to clarify, I did find the DPI scaling option and I can turn it off to make the panel fully visible. But that also makes every icon in the program tiny which is suboptimal.

I see. I will add a scrollbox to this. It will create a small button at the bottom if the controls leave the visible area. an if you scroll down then the button appears on top to be able to scroll top again etc. .

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That would awesome. Thank you very much!

I second this Jan@cosmigo. My main PC crashed and I have to use my laptop with an inferior resolution. Not to rush but the sooner the better. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Added with upcoming V8.0.4