• jan@cosmigo.com

Tool keyboard shortcuts situationally require two presses


When switching between tools in different tool groups, pressing the keyboard shortcut twice is sometimes necessary.

It depends on which tool you last used in the tool group you’re trying to switch back to.


^ 1) Set these shortcuts.
2) Select Filled Rectangle tool.
3) Select a tool in a different tool group, such as Paint Continuous tool.
4) Press “R” to try to switch to Rectangle tool.
Instead of the desired Rectangle tool being selected, the Filled Rectangle tool is selected.
5) Press “R” again to switch to Rectangle tool.

Two presses required because it wasn’t the previously used tool in that group.
If Rectangle tool is the previously used tool, only one “R” key press is necessary.
I suspect this issue has something to do with residual arbitrary code that’s been in place since before each individual tool could have its own shortcut assigned.

This is another opportunity to improve PMNG’s consistency and user friendliness - one keystroke = one tool switch.


That’s a bug. Will try to check and fix with 7.3