Tools like pyxel edit

Animation mode like pyxel edit would be amazing, tiled animation, it makes it a lot easier to animate spritesheet and etc, pyxel edit has no more update, pro motion has all the tools I need, just missing the way to animate like pyxel edit, and a selection of free colors like aseprite! no indexed colors

Hello Noname, Welcome to the forum. I find Pro Motion NG’s system of animation far superior to Pyxel Edits. With it’s animated brushes and onion skinning the only thing I would change is I would add the ability to play a single frame more than once. True Pro Motion NG’s tile system is not as robust as Pyxel Edit’s but I think copying software just is’nt the answer. My whole thing is 3-D and I rarely have a suggestion that is’nt 3-D that is not mainstream. But a better Tiliing engine is mainstream from what I understand about Jan.cosmigo is always open to making the program better. If you have a suggestion on how to make the program better I’m sure he will listen. But as far as I understand asking him to make his program like another program is just too vague. Maybe I’m wrong I cannot speak for Jan.cosmigo. HoweverI recommend you learn Pro Motion NG to the point of mastery you may find it is a little more capable than you thought !

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Pyxel edit’s approach to animation is unique because it uses tile blocks as frames. (Though personally, IMO, PEs’ dev just wanted to cheap out on making a fully featured animation tool.) I was going to suggest something similar when i was starting with PMNG before, too.

But then i realized, i can do the exact same way of PE’s approach to animation in PMNG with it’s tilemap system. We couldn’t play it back inside PMNG, but if it’s for a game asset, exporting the sheet and playing it inside any game engine is usually frictionless.

For ‘selection of free colors like aseprite’, i’m assuming you’re talking about how you can color pick without explicitly assigning it to an index in the palette.
I am also assuming that you want this feature for the stage in creating images where you’re just trying out some colors.

Unfortunately, as i understand it, at least at this time (and i could be TOTALLY wrong in this), having a ‘free’ index goes against PMNG’s scope and design principles.
quoting Jan from this post: Option to add more Color Indexes infinitely (resolved) - #2 by jan.cosmigo

PM is purely for 8bit images only. That means, every pixel points to an entry in the palette (0-256). So adding more colors is not possible because a pixel could not address these.

My approach to emulate that feature is to assign a set of indexes where you change the colors freely (double click on the index to open the color picker). Then, you could just arrange the indexes later down the line when you’re set with your colors.

Hope this can give you some insight!

I’m not sure about the request details. What I can understand is that PyxelEdit shows the frames as tiles side by side so that you can navigate easily on this “sprite sheet”.
I also saw that there is a way to define different ranges of frames to be an animation. So you can say for an animation having 10 frames, frames 1-3 are an animation, frames 1-10 are an animation, frames 6-8 are an animation. Selecting such an animation definition limits the playback to those frames.

Is this the core of what is wanted?

  • selecting frames based on preview images (thumbnails) → the current timeline only shows numbers
  • defining different animations on the frames to play them separately

thoes are all fine and dandy but what I was asking for is one frame to have a value of several frames for instance a character gets ready to swing a sword the anticipation frame is held for 3 frames the sword cut frame is 1 frame the recovery frame is 3 frames. And it would be a good thing to be able to assign per layer.I forsee that in the tool and paint settings where it could ask for layer or whole frame or keyframe. that way you could add lag and overlap.