Trying to recover settings after pc-crash

I had to reinstall my PC and I am looking for the actual settings fopr Pro Motion NG (Formulas, Keybinds etc.) on the old harddrive. But I cannot seem to find them. I am on Windows10. I have already been looking at the files in Documents and AppData but I am missing the files somehow. Are they located somewhere else on the harddrive? Please let me know ^^


Hi visionvortex,

idk about formulas, i don’t think there is a way to save them other than manually insert them as text and open them in a text editor?

Defaults should be at C:/Users/<pc name>/Documents/Pro Motion NG

If it’s not there,

  1. You might’ve put it somewhere else.
  2. In your previous windows installation on your old hd, you might’ve needed a password before logging on the desktop. If this is the case, you shouldn’t be able to see all your old files on your new OS. You might need 3rd party recovery tools to retrieve your data.

If you’re not using it already, try searching for your files with voidtools Everything. A really fast free search tool that puts windows to SHAME since it came out (2004). Come to think of it, It can even search for files that windows couldn’t search on a corrupted HDD/SSD.

As of Feb 2024, PMNG uses the file type .scc for retrieving kb shortcuts
And you could just do a " *.scc " on Everything’s search bar if you’ve exported your kb shortcuts at one point.

I wish PMNG gives us the option to choose where to store default PMNG files and settings any time so these things can be avoided.

Hope it helps. Goodluck!

When you only have the hard drive of the old computer and can not log on, then it might be difficult. Some data (mostly files like palettes, patterns, fonts) are stored in the documents folder as cageburner described.
But all the real settings are stored in the windows registry under key Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cosmigo

But if you can’t log in then you can’t access the registry easily. Some workaround is shown here: