Undo / Move Color

  1. Create a Tiles Project with some colors at the palete
  2. Un check Sync Mode
  3. Select one color and some pixels with that color.
  4. Go to Edit at Color Palete
  5. Move the color

Expected behaviour , the color should be moved at the color palete and the image at the canvas should be identical by default.

Current behaviour: The image is loss.

In addition if I do undo, the image isnt recovered.

Are you using V7.1.2?

Yes, I am using that version. Thanks

Could not duplicate it immediately. Will check more deeply and fix.

Hi, I could reproduce it again. Maybe the replication steps require first to copy a color, to use that new copied color and then to move that color.


Jan , could you reproduce this bug?


Hi Nico,

no, I was not able to do it. How did you copy the color. There are multiple ways to do that.


I will try to look for a screen video capture software to show you.


Do you have a software to recomend to do the video capture?

I sometimes use Camstudio.

I send you a video by email, thanks.