Unique features

I would like to see this feature in Promotion-ng they are just ideas is up to you Jan

3d draw i could be useful for making guides when we are making rooms or building
in a guide layer images guides would be cool too

Glass mode great for rotoscoping animations :smirk:

rotoscoping info

Retro mode:Just imaging emulating your pixel art like a real composite tv or crt
through filters maybe a exporting option for pixel artist to post in twitter or upscaled for a game

a simple oni i did and to the right a emulated like a crt via filter

more comparations made by Crt-Pixels

Symphony of the Night (1997, Konami) - PS1

Pixels vs. PS1 Composite via Sony KV-13M51

popped off so I thought you'd appreciate Richter as well. I
especially love how soft his lil curls appear on the Trinitron! pic.twitter.com/Jaoy9AUR4W

CRT Pixels (@CRTpixels) June
26, 2021



Symphony of the Night (1997, Konami) - PS1

Pixels vs. PS1 Composite via Sony KV-13M51

This could
be my new favorite. Notice the way composite color bleed turns a single
pixel into red eyes, or the way the scanlines give definition to
Dracula's lips and teeth. pic.twitter.com/YkhDpEEwSD

CRT Pixels (@CRTpixels) June
25, 2021



Final Fantasy VI
(1994, Square) - SNES

Over the last few days I have
seen these examples lifted from @ruuupu1
and shared across multiple websites without

If you happen see these anywhere, please
credit them. This stuff is hard work. https://t.co/ujU2oTz9cs

CRT Pixels (@CRTpixels) June
20, 2021


this can be archieved by adding a opengl (glsl) shader filter support

some links related to crt and shader

i love all this i spend time researching about retro technology and pixel art methods and playing oldies
i have more ideas but idk if this will be even seen hope it help in something

all i ask is Jan.cosmigo if you decide to do the 3d pixels feature please make it compatible with stereo optic graphics.

Hi @SSoft,

thanks for the suggestions.
As for rotoscoping… could you pleas have a look at the layer effect “display other project”?

With this you can display a separate project with a layer.
Would this also be a help and if not, what’s missing?


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A glass mode is technically possible.

The easiest one would be to just make the magnify window 50% transparent (with all the elements like scrollbar, coordinate displays, pixels etc.)
Another way that are technically possible could be:
Make just the canvas area transparent. In that case all the pixels you draw would be fully opaque all other portions of the canvas would be 50% opaque or could even be fully transparent.
What would make most sense?

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oh is ok this is just some ideas i’m happy already because at least you read it and that what it counts keep it up :saluting_face:

Just couldn’t resist to add a simple version with V8 beta:

canvas transparency

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hahaha great :laughing: yeah!!!
promotion ng is getting better and better

more gold for the mold! :wink:
stabilizer this feature can be useful, as you can see it make easy to draw perfect for mouse users
Select palette section before import palettes this can work too when indexing a image just select a few colors in the palette reserving the others for this feature or even excluding them from use in the indexing
let make a example imagine that we want to index a image with a greyscale part of a big palette full of colors and we want only to color affecting the image with just a small amount or selection.
1-bit Mask can be saved in a folder in promotion’s settings folder even brushes shapes
please forgive my double posting.

new animation format like apng and webp
please if you add apng support set the file extension to .png too

Thanks for the suggestions, but it’s too much for one post. I can not ask back for details. This would turn into a complete mess. Please create a single post for each suggestion.

oh ok i didn’t wanted to fill the entire forum with my post

Please fill the forum with your suggestions and wishes. There is enough space :wink:
But please create a thread for every single suggestion so that I can ask back and that everyone can join a discussion on a single topic.
This won’t work if too many things are in a single thread.

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Thanks jan, please never change