Unwanted line snapping

I am bumping this thread because I believe it was never seen because it was a part of a thread that was created a year ago. Please fix this problem Jan@cosmigo any help is greatly appriciated.

Hello Jan@cosmigo I spent some time and I think that I have a way to make this happen every time! I have sent you a file in your email named 03badsnap quasi.pmp. I have found that when you make a file with a minimum of 2 layers (1 animation layer and 1 static image layer) when you select smart copy/create curve even if all layers are empty when you change the delta on the first point as soon as you click your origin point the line will snap back to the origin coordinates. Furthermore I have found that the second set of coordinates do not snap back and stay the same.

03snapback video

I have also found that the curve in the line does not snap back either. And although I have not tested it I think that this bug is the same for the non curved line as well. Now that we have zeroed in on making this bug show up It may be easier to fix? thank you for making an awesome program and please fix this bug soon. Any help is greatly appreciated,