Upscaling alpha transparency image => can't see it?

I’m loving the new image/animation upscaling feature, so thank for that because I’m using it to try to vectorize some raster images using Inkscape. I’m saving my BMP files as larger versions of themselves so that the vectoring in Inkscape has enough information to perfectly replicate this raster image (the larger the raster image, the higher the accuracy of the vector).

Here’s the problem: when I imported the larger images to Inkscape for vectoring, nothing appeared or at least nothing was visible. It’s as if the image got so big the transparent background overtook the rest of the image, but I’m not sure. I upscaled x2, x5, and x10 all with the same problem. Resaving them as PNG files didn’t work, either.

What am I doing wrong? And is there a better way to turn raster pixel images to vectors that can then be converted to TTF/OTF font files?

This is a bug. The upscaling does not work with alpha transparent images, only with those that use index based transparency. Will fix this.

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Just fixed it. Will be available with the next fix pack, I guess at the weekend.

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