Using a Stylus Pen

Does Pro Motion NG work well with a stylus? I tried using my stylus on the free version to draw one pixel lines but it wasn’t working properly.

I have a lenovo two-in-one laptop and the stylus works wonderfully with photoshop.

When I tried using it on Pro Motion it would act as if it was a paint brush making more of a large swish. When I just used the track pad it would work as expected and draw single pixel lines until I applied more pressure.

I would like to buy the full version but want to make sure it will work with my stylus first. Thank you!

Hi @st3venm, I don’t know the specific pen model you’re using, but you’ll find some general advise on how to setup pens in general at these links to the documentation:

Also, note:

To prevent unwanted effects when lifting the pen you can hold F4 to lock maximum pressure . In that case the pressure will not be reduced.



Use this area to check whether you have a Wacom compatible Pen that can be used for the pressure sensitive drawing options. Only tablets are supported that use the so called WinTab programming interface.

With my Wacom pen, I remember that I had to change the pen driver settings to reduce the pressure range and another setting (something to do with backward compatibility mode for old apps, like Photoshop 7) to work with PM NG. But I don’t remember the exact settings.

@jan.cosmigo: You should fix the WinTab programming interface link in the Preferences documentation to point to WaybackMachine instead, for the original article is no longer avaiable:

I know use
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