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Wacom Pen and Eraser - Keyboard Shortcut?



is there a keyboard shortcut for the eraser?

I’m using a wacom tablet… and it seems the only way to erase pixels is to either turn the pen and use the eraser end of the pen or to use the right mouse button… but it would be way faster to have a actual keyboard shortcut to temporary activate the eraser while using the pen…

the documentation says " Almost all shortcuts can be modified in the preferences" … but I cant seem to find any keyboard config in the preference window… :-/



Hi Layer1, welcome to the forum.

I also have a Wacom (Intuos 5). I don’t know how to set the preferences you mention in PM NG, but you could always set the wacom tablet so that one of the rubber buttons changes the pen behavior to be like the rubber — it should be possible if this happens to coincide with a keystroke modifier that would allow the pen to behave like the eraser in PM NG.

Personally, I just use the pen rubber to do that. Setting up my Wacom tablet took me some time (and then I’ve lost and restored the settings various times in a row). So, any useful tips on how to use a Wacom with PM are most welcome!


Hi tajmone,

thanks for your response…
the problem is I don’t see how to set any of the express keys to eraser without having an actual keyboard shortcut for this function… :-/

ah… but you are right… the eraser function from the pen’s end can be assigned to the pen’s button… yeah… so that works…

thanks… :slight_smile:


Hi @Layer1,

also please find “p” to make your pen tip use the second color (which can be the transparent color to erase).
Hold “p” and draw with your pen tip.



@jan.cosmigo, a problem that I frequently come across with in respect to keyboard shortcuts presented in the documentation is that these might differ under different locales of Windows. E.g., some documented keys seem to be tied to a German keyboard (possibly because you have Windows in German?) while other differ on my OS because it’s in Italian.

Ideally, all keys should be documented (and pre-set) according to a US-Keyboard, and then users can customize them according to their locale. Even better if PMNG could provide different settings depending on the OS locale AND keyboard found.