Weird bug regarding brush freeform transform

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get one of the default brushes (I did it with the default circle pixel brush that you get when you press period key).
  2. Freeform stretch it.
  3. Freeform rotate it (may also work with clockwise brushes).
  4. You get the weird version of the first defined brush in the brush container (or last used, not sure there).

Seems to only happen when there are custom brushes defined, however to get rid of it you not only have to delete them but also restart the software afterwards. When there are no custom brushes defined in a project, it seems to work fine, however it stops being fine after you do above steps in one of the opened projects that have brushes defined as it carries over to the entirety of the program. Brush deletion may not be requirement for getting rid of it, however it certainly doesn’t hurt (though I’d save a copy if you have some brushes that you may need).

//edit: If you need a paid tester, I’d be happy to help as I’m currently looking for a job, however I can’t travel so it will need be a remote work contract.

Note that this doesn’t require one to save the custom brush.
Freeform rotate (or 90 degree rotate) reverts to the last brush defined using the brush tool (B).
To have everything work with your default brush, just use the brush tool to grab it before doing your transforms.

I agree that this is a bug, though.


Indeed this is a bug.

Was fixed while back with 7.1.7