Weird bug with middle click (click mouse wheel)

When i use the middle click to move around the canvas, sometimes it start painting.
You can see this bug on the next video

(sorry for using mega i not have another video uploader)


In the vid, were you clicking the MMB the whole time when it was painting?

Since i’ve never encountered this issue myself, let’s check a couple of things first:

  • Can you somehow be accidentally clicking on the LMB/RMB while clicking MMB unconsciously?
  • In your mouse software, there might be a configuration where LMB/RMB and MMB are fired at the same time.
  • If it’s an old mouse, there’s also the possibility that the LM/RM buttons are already mushy/faulty so they get stuck and fire off sometimes. I would try a different mouse lying somewhere if this is the case.

If you’re fine not using mega, might i highly recommend Screentogif. It’s what i use. Screen recordings aren’t only saved as .gif. It can do other formats too!

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Did this also happen with previous versions or do you think that this is a new effect in

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@jan.cosmigo this error was presented before the 8.x update, but i never reported it because i was thinking it was a problem on my mouse (because it was old) but now i change it to a new one and the error is still present.

@cageburner I was not pressing any button on the video i just was moving my mouse around the canvas, when the error stop i then start pressing the midle mouse button to see if i can get the error again. It may be the program or the mouse I currently have which is Logitech G600 and the software is a Logitech Gaming software 9.04.28. Thanks for the page recomendation i will try it !!

I would need to send you a special patch that creates some log file to analyze. It could take several patches until I can nail down the problem. Would like to send download links by email. Can you send an email to me on that matter and I’ll send a patch link in return.
Thank you.

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