What are Extra 1 and Extra 2 and how can i use them?

In File > Preferences > Mouse Buttons tab
What are the Extra 1 and Extra 2 assigned to by default? How can i know where to map it?

I wish to assign both of these to any free slot of my 10 button mouse.


10 button mouse, OMG :slight_smile:

As a standard Windows only supports 5 mouse buttons, left, middle, right, extra 1, extra 2.
My mouse has 6 buttons and two of the three buttons on the side (not LMR) fire as “extra 1” and “extra 2”.
So I think two of your 10 buttons should also fire, but I can’t say which one. I should add some test function, I guess :thinking:

Thanks, Jan!
Yeah, the mouse has a partner software i use it with. And here’s a list of its available functions i can map with to my buttons.

Thing is, Extra 1 & Extra 2 isn’t on the list.
Arbitrary key here is its custom-shortcut-key feature, and it would’ve been my personal solution so i wouldn’t need to fiddle with PMNGs mouse button preferences; but i can only map it up to 3 keys. Compared to PMNGs 4 with an additional + LMB if needed.

I wonder if Extra 1 & Extra 2 is a regional name kind of thing again, like how i’ve never seen a physical KB with the Alt Gr in my life? :thinking:

Edit: I think i was saying something and thinking about something else above. Nevertheless, that’s the conundrum. Here’s how my mouse buttons are labeled:

This is the MS tech docs concerning X-buttons:

That’s all I have :confused:

I suppose it’s button 4 and 5 of your list.

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