• jan@cosmigo.com

What can cause drawing discrepancies in a tile map project?

In formula mode, i noticed something strange as boxed in the screenshot.
on the right where you could see black on transparent canvas is an expected normal effect of the formula.

Normally, the blue-green hue shouldn’t be drawn on thex transparent canvas.


win 7
PMNG ver. 7.2.7

I think I’d need the project, the formula and some information about the steps you are doing to duplicate this. You could send all this to jan@cosmigo.com if you like.

Thanks for looking into this,Jan. I’ll send you an email.

I’ll add it here too, for anyone looking into this.

Left Mouse Button:
text: if(a==bg,fg,a)

Right Mouse Button:
text: if(b==fg,bg,b)