What exactly has the new version ( done to my project?

Hi there Guys :slight_smile:

New to the Forum …although I’ve Been Using Pro Motion since Version 4 (maybe earlier, I can’t remember (Both Professionally and personally))

I have a weird issue with one of my projects (Amiga Keyboard remap Idea that I’m gonna use an Arduino or summut to implement)

See attached .PNG (correction… it seems to have sampled it down to a small .jpg :-()

Left is how it appears in Pro Motion 7.whatever… Right is how it appears in Pro Motion

Any Thoughts?



Hi @Bapsilon,

can you send the file to me (jan@cosmigo.com) so that I can check what’s going on?
Thank you.

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Hi there Jan :slight_smile:
Should I send it archived as .7z or just send the .pmp ?

Hi @Bapsilon,
either way is fine for me :slight_smile:

This is a bug where certain compressed frame data is not loaded correctly :sob:

Because this can also lead to V8 projects to not load correctly, I will publish a fix tomorrow.

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Great News there Jan.

Thanks for the quick fix :smiley:

…and sorry for the late acknowledgement ( Been Playing Zelda A LOT :smiley: )

Can Now confirm that the fix works for me :smiley:

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