Where can I find more Bitmap Font templates?

Hi, sorry for my bad English.
I am a new Pro Motion NG user on Steam.
I saw the video tutorial ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRi2AhUHH7A ) had showed many Bitmap Font templates that I don’t have.
So , Where can I find more Bitmap Font templates?

You can find some here:
and here…

That’s actually where the font format comes from that PM supports at the moment.
Will support other formats in the future, but this takes a while.
You could convert other fonts manually. Just search Google for “bitmap fonts” and go to “images”. You will find a lot of bitmaps containing characters. But you need to copy them into the PM supported format according to the video.


To easily download all the bitmap fonts at once:


Get it , Thank you !