Where has Copy/Cut Range and Paste Range gone?

Hi! I’m not 100% sure I’m remembering the names right, but the Edit pulldown menu used to have the option to Copy/Cut frame ranges, and Paste frame ranges. That seems to be gone in v8. I’ve looked all over and I can’t find it. Are those two things gone?

Hi @Flickerscope,

yes, this was there but is obsolete. Please mark the frames you want to copy on the frame number display (“timeline”) and mark the layers in the layer window.
Then use Copy (Ctrl + C) to put the contents in the clipboard and then go to the frame you want to copy it to. Use Paste (Ctrl + V).
If you have a single layer selected then you can also select a different target layer.
After Ctrl+V you can either move the selection on the canvas or finalize it with Enter.

If you want to copy all layers and complete frames then you can also select the frames on the timeline (e.g. holding Ctrl or Shift) and then drag them with the right mouse button to move a copy to some other place.


Nice! Thanks! If I’m copying to the end of the animation is there a way to append the animation, or do I first have to manually add frames and then paste to the new frames?

Currently you have to add the frames first if you only want top copy portions (pixel selection or layer selection). If you want to copy whole frames (all layers) then you can select the frames on the timeline and drag with the right mouse button to the target position. This will create copies and insert them (also at the end).