Where is the "Edit RGB Table" pop up in Pro Motion NG?

In the older Pro Motions (for example 6.5) by default if you press “p” it pops up the “Edit RGB Table”, where is this in Pro Motion NG? The new palette manipulation feels so clunky in comparison to the old way. Am I just not finding it? Can we have the old RGB Table back? It was so efficient.

I started at NG so idk it’s real equivalent in 6.5.

But in NG, this is how i edit a color:

  1. Double click a palette index:
  2. This window shows up:
  3. If i want to use the RGB spaces, i click these tabs:

    3.a Or maybe you want the classic square:

It may not be perfect. There may be a couple of things it could copy from other (big and smaller) programs to improve it. But IMHO, it’s one of the best out there.

Again, i’m not 100% sure if this is what you’re looking for.

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I really do love this new system at the time of drawing. The old Edit RGB Table was incredibly minimal and basic thus efficient during the step of palette manipulation and clean up for making index color game art. Where i could move entire blocks of 4, 8, 16 colors around, ramp them, copy, flip the gradient, etc. It was really good at moving index entries around for color cycling and things like that. I’ll try to adapt to the new way. In context I feel like what I needed to get done only took a good 5 mins before, whereas this new way might take over an hour. I’ll keep practicing with NG… It might just be me, a 20+ year Pro Motion user and I’m just stubborn in my ways. Thanks for the guide cageburner, much appreciated.

You’re welcome! If it’s those functions i.e. moving blocks, ramping, copying, etc. you’re looking for, then that’s the edit tab in the color palette window, and its’ sub-tab Move Colors:


It’s one of my most favorite features of PMNG i frequently use. The buttons under the sub-tab have all the features you mentioned above. +more with the Functions... button that brings up a context menu.

If we have the setting below (Select Paint Colors in Edit/Move Area) disabled,

right clicking on the indexes brings up the context menu of Functions... as well.

Happy to help! :smiley:

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Please also have a look at this tutorial: https://youtu.be/-fqBOtM-TDY?si=JLSWBBU1l6pYrIf5

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Thank you so much, this was super helpful.

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