• jan@cosmigo.com

Why doesn't help and tutorials mention this useful shortcut?


Just discovered it now by accident. N centers the magnify view on the pixel hovered pixel. Doesn’t matter if you hover on normal view or magnify one, it always centers the magnify view. If I had known it earlier, my desk would meet my head less often by now.

Really useful shortcut and possibly something that is a hold out from Deluxe Paint, but yeah, it should be mentioned. In fact I think you should make an entire tutorial vid dedicated to useful shortcuts like this.


It’s only listed in the shortcut section. I try to add “hidden” shortcuts into a tutorial whenever it fits. E.g. in this one you find how to insert/remove pixel rows/columns :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/RRi2AhUHH7A


No, I think you definitely should make a vid specifically about tricks like this. After all, shortcuts are always the most efficient way to move around the software. Also having them all in one place, in a cool vid, would be both a good reference and a great thing from marketing standpoint - i.e. “Look how fast you can do cool things with PM and the vid isn’t even sped out! Try doing that with (insert competitor pixel art software)”


Will think about that. I would like to combine workflows with shortcuts instead of just plainly showing them for the sake of it. I guess this is what you mean with ““Look how fast you can do cool things…”. So the it should be a certain, typical workflow (maybe in part) that uses certain shortcuts. Thank you for the hint.


Yeah, I can see that working. I wonder why there are little to no other video tutorials aside of official ones and those for the old version. I mean actual game companies use that stuff and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg anymore, so someone else should have good enough knowledge of it to make tutorials.

I’ll try to look into some pixel art tutorial channels and see if I can get them interested in PM.


A lot of us old DPaint guys use a variety of hotkeys.

N - Centre on cursor within magnify (can’t live without this)
B - Picking up brushes
O - Outline grabbed brush with chosen palette colour (black outlined sprites anyone?)

Lots of hidden gems to improve workflow.