Why was scroll layers omitted?(solved)

hello Jan@cosmigo why was frame/scroll/layers/current layer ect omitted in the beta version it is a very powerful tool. Please put it back thank you in advance.

Hi @Morintari,
you can now select the layers you want to scroll in the layer list. With V8 a couple of functions are changed so that they apply to multiple selected layers. This makes special options like “scroll all layers” obsolete.

Thanks Jan@cosmigo I really appreciate your reply!

I’m sorry Jan@cosmigo but I don’t see the options to scroll current frame or scroll whole animation? Please tell me in detail where these options are thanks in advance!

The current frame is scrolled by default. If you want to scroll multiple frames then you need to select those frames on the time line.
If you want to scroll multiple layers then you need to select these layers in the layer window.

Thank you for making that so clear Jan@cosmigo. Much appreciated!