Windows 11 22H2: PM-NG won't start

I’ve been using PM-NG fine on Windows 11 22H1, but since updating to 22H2 the app refuses to start.
When I attempt to run the app the splash screen does not appear, the mouse cursor shows a spinning circle for about a second, then nothing. In task manager I see “pmotion.exe (32 bit)” briefly appear under “Background Processes”, then be replaced by “Pmotion (32 bit)”, but nothing happens after that.

If I re-run the installer and select “run Pro Motion NG” at the end, the app runs successfully. In task manager I get “Pmotion (32 bit)” in the “Apps” section, with 2 entries underneath it.

I’ve managed to solve the problem. Seems a running instance of VS Code that is waiting to close in order to do an upgrade blocks PM-NG from starting. More details on this forum post about the same issue on Windows 10).

Hard to imagine what happens in detail. I just installed VS code and will check once there is an update for it to debug and dig into it.

I’m glad to have a workaround. Best of luck fixing the problem Jan.