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Working on simple 32x32 tileset and ProMotion is lagging badly


Like mentioned, I am working on a tileset. right now I have 4 active layers, and 62 tiles but the program is lagging so terribly that its becoming almost impossible to use. If I use the shortcut to increase/decrease brush size with the mouse wheel, after I roll the wheel the size will continue to update almost 1 per second until all the input is applied.
are there any optimization tips or what should I be looking inot. Im on windows 10 pro, 32gb ram. Task manager doesnt sjhhow any particular problems or excessive cpu/gpu usage by Pro motion.
Thank you in advance


Very strange. Are you using the latest version of PMNG?

Wish I had some specific advice for you, but I don’t. I haven’t experienced any severe performance bugs lately.
One of my current 16x16 tilemap files has 7 layers and over 900 tiles - canvas dims are 1120px X 1280px. I get zero lag unless I do something crazy that affects hundreds of tiles while Sync Mode is on.

So something is obviously very wrong. Your experience using PM is not normal.

What is your problematic 32x32 tilemap’s canvas dimensions?
What happens if you try tilemap projects with different tile dimensions?
Have you tried copy/pasting your tiles into a fresh new tilemap project?


I fully agree with @mathias, the lagginess you’re reporting is not normal, especially on a machine with 32 Gb of RAM, and your tileset also seems a reasonable project to work on.

You might won’t to check with MS Sysinternals Utilities what’s eating up all your CPU resources or RAM (it has to be one of these, either the CPU is overloaded with work, or the RAM is full and the system is working on virtual paging). Try using these tools instead of of the Task Manager:

they should help you track down where the problem is, because they offer more insights than the Task Manager.

The laginnes could be caused by a lot of things, really. Including problems with drivers conflicts (PMNG looks for scanning devices and tablets drivers at startup, and I’ve had some issues with a TWAIN driver when I first installed it).


Thank you for your reply! I tried shutting PM down and restarting it but the problem continued, ONLY on the particular project tho. which was very odd. I tried opening other projects in the same window and experienced no problems. Finally I did a restart of my computer and the problem went away. Thing is, nothing else was eating up resources either…I looked for potential windows updates or backups running in the background but found nothing.
After restarting I also resized my canvas which was definitely too big for what I am doing but its hard to say if that the issue since it was using a default canvas size that I have on all my projects. At any rate that problem seems to have disappeared for now. Another one Ive run into tho…in the same project is that at times, PM wont allow me to paint anything. No lag, just not registering the input. I have tried this with Paint mode, regular 1px brush, and with tiles, I have double checked the layers to make sure they were not alpha locked and tried both with sync on/off. nothing. unitl I close the app and restart it. Its really odd. but Thank you for the response. Ill write back if it happens again but hopefully not.


Thanks a lot! I had those tools when I used win7 then had to reformat my drive when I upgraded to win10 and totally forgot them. Ill get them and run a check if I see any more abnormal behavior. As for drivers…I could have some issues with a wacom tablet…Ill look into it as well. Thanks for the help!


If you encounter a problem with a specific project again then please send it to me (jan@cosmigo.com). When I can make it happen here then I should be able to fix it.


Thank you Jan, I appreciate you offering your time for this…If i notice any of the same problems ill be sure to send you the file. If nothing else you might be able to narrow it down to a problem on my end (pc) rather than PMng —btw, I absolutely Love Pro Motion. thanks for all the great features.