Would you please release the program on Mac as well?

Do you think we, Mac users, will finally get a chance to run the program natively on Mac?

I’m afraid that this is not possible :frowning:
It would mean a complete re-code of the UI and some things that are bound to the Windows API.
How do you run it on the Mac today? Do you use Parallels, CrossOver, Wine or PlayOnMac?

How about a light version of Pro Motion for iOS. This is where the future is.
Don’t need all the bells and whistles that the desktop version of Pro Motion offers, just something that fills the void that’s currently there.

Big iOS audience out there you know.

I fully understand but this would still result in a new application and I would require a Flux Compensator to do so.
Also I think there are already packages out there for iOS to do basic pixel art. Aren’t they good enough?
I guess they only need some time to evolve.

There aren’t all that many actually. Most of them are fairly basic, if not outright rubbish.
Fair enough if you don’t have the time yourself, I can understand that. Have you thought about outsourcing the port?

…or set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund that Flux Capacitor. :wink:

It’s not so easy. Being able to create campaign for the Flux Capacitor would have me to bump my head strong enough at a toilette to have the idea about how it will actually work :laughing:

One more thing. I can understand that makes sense to use a tablet/ipad with a pen to get most out of the strokes.
Did you try a kind of remote desktop software to let PM run on our PC while controlling it with the tablet?

Yes, my current setup has Pro Motion running on my 13" MacBook Pro running the latest version of macOS through CodeWeaver’s Crossover software. I’m using a Wacom Intuos to draw with. It does work fine.

While it does work, I can’t help but wonder how much more pleasant it would be to draw directly on the screen. There’s a lot of migration happening by 2D artists from desktops to tablets like the iPad or similar devices.

Understood, but isn’s it possible to let a software run on the MacBook while controlling it with your iPad? Like a “remote desktop”?
You would then see and use the application on your iPad as if it would run ther (though being a desktop software with some drawbacks) but it actually runs on the MacBook.