Wrong tool enables/activates - 'move layers or selection' instead of 'move tool' (solved for v8.b5)

When using a shortcut key (set to Ctrl+H) to use the “Move tool”, “Move layers or selection” is enabled instead.

Side note: tool name/info doesn’t show up in the bottom left corner when mouse is hovered over tool.

Additionally, the tool “Move layers or selection” doesn’t show up in the keyboard shortcuts window.

Using a pen/tablet & novation launchpad to draw/paint, i can’t use the MMB to pan around anymore. So i set a shortcut key to use the move tool instead.

The workaround is to take off my shortcuts hand from the launchpad and press & hold spacebar on the kb to pan around. Somehow, this is the most sanity challenging issue to date.

beta ver.

Thanks for the report.

The tool that moves selected pixels/layer contents was renamed to “Move Tool”. This might have caused the confusion.
Missing hint when hovering over icon is fixed fixed with V8 Beta 5.

Thanks for the update, Jan!
Will re-test when v8 beta 5 comes out