Yes I like the dark skin in PM but

could you add a custom color select…And maybe also an enlarged icons and words mode too?

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To make the application scale on larger displays (or Window’s zoom settings) I need to make it “DPI aware”. Up to now this was a hassle because the UI-system I used did not support that really. Now I upgraded to a newer version where also the skinning is better than in the previous versions where it was not usable actually. I will have a look at this.

As for UI color select I will add two modes only at the moment. More could come in the future because it should even be possible to make the categoried colors to be changed individually. “categoried colors” means something like “window”, “editfield background”, “editfield font”… mixed with widget states like “enabled”, “disabled”, “focused”… but this might get heavy concerning documentation. Let’s see,

really appricate this Jan, It will help me when I use the application thanks.