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Adjust values by 10 when holding Shift


A little ux suggestion - when holding SHIFT key and clicking up/down spinner buttons next to a number field, or using the Up and Down arrow keys to adjust a number value in a field, change the value by 10 instead of 1.

Very common ui feature in Adobe software. Adds a lot of convenience.


That’s a good idea, but it would be even better to be able to adjust the offset from the project’s settings (both vertical and horizontal) because some small pixel art project might often need values which are multiples of 8 (due to sprite sizes), especially for old hardware emulation.


My screenshot image might be misleading - I’m referring to a global enhancement for all number fields in PMNG wherever they may be found.
I find that sometimes letting users quickly increment a value up or down allows them to get to the desired value in a more convenient way than typing in a value - especially when changing the said value causes some sort of significant change to the document and some trial and error is necessary to find the needed value.
10’s are simple and easy to understand increments. Again, I’m 100% ripping this idea from Adobe software.

If we need to make sure a value is divisible by 8 then this might be where simple math in fields might come in handy.


That’s cool! I thought it was only for the fields in the screenshot, but a global feature makes more sense.

Maybe PM could use different step values depending on the field’s nature — e.g. 8 for pixels, 10 for color-related values, etc. — which the user can customize both at the application level as well as per-project.


Hehe yep! The idea is just directly lifted from Adobe’s interface gimmicks.

Interesting thought making the SHIFT key increment customizable. That may help the feature be even more useful for a wider variety of people