Advice on Pixel Art Animation in Pro Motion NG

Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to Pro Motion NG and have been experimenting with pixel art animation. I am facing a few challenges and could really use some advice:

  • How do you achieve smooth transitions between frames ? Are there specific techniques or tools within Pro Motion NG that you find particularly helpful?
  • What’s the best way to manage multiple frames and layers without getting overwhelmed ? Any tips for keeping everything organized ?
  • How do you maintain consistent colors across different frames, especially when making adjustments mid-animation ?

Previously, I also searched for this query on internet but couldn’t find any perfect solution. I also went through this thread on the community but couldn’t get any helpful insights.

I’d appreciate any tips, tutorials or resources you could share. Thanks in advance for your help.

(Marcos Andrew)

Hello Marcos, Morintari here again

  1. to answer your questions first the best way to make smooth animations is when doing a normal animation repeat the frame twice. When doing fast motion just have 1 frame. It is highly recommended that you do a smear motion blur in one of the frame typically in the middle of your quick motion like so:


Another way to achieve smooth animation is use anti-aliasing to smooth the frame, it is found here in ProMotion NG:

Next The best way to manage frames is name them and color them. You can do so by right clicking a frame and selecting key frame settings like so:


There you can add a color to a specific frame and even name it!

Layer grouping works great too because it works like so:


Next select group:

name the group and your all set you can open the group or close it just by clicking on the folder


Lastly to make the same colors across all frames all you have to do is select the G on the layer palate the G stands for global palate it will allow for only one palate per all layers


I hope this helps you Marcos if you get stuck again let us know.