Load Animation problem in NG v

Hi, I’m not sure if I have a setting wrong or something else but I’m using “Load Animation” from the File menu to import a PNG animation sheet 4800x2520 containing 210 frames at 320x180 in size. The problem is no matter what I do it imports to 100 frames only in the project, no matter how many frames Pro Motion reports. If I import it as 30 frames for example, it will be repeated over and over to fit 100 frames in the project. I’m not sure if something has changed that I haven’t set? Anyway, I installed a previous version of NG, and old v 7 and the Load Animation works as expected. For now I just save out that project from there and load into v I hope this makes sense! If anyone has experience with this or it’s a bug, please let me know. I use this feature a lot to import animations from other sources. Paul.

Hi @Rezzin8
can not duplicate yet. When I import such an image as animation like


then 210 frames are created as it should be.

Do you get that dialog when loading the image as animation and use the same settings?


Hi Jan, thank you for responding!

OK this is interesting. To start, yes I always get that dialogue box with the same settings as shown with the same image size and showing the correct number of frames to be created.

This is the interesting part I’ve just discovered. If I open a fresh copy of Pro Motion and “Load Animation” and go through the same process, it works as expected, 210 frames are created and playback properly!

Now if I keep Pro Motion open with that newly created 210 frame animation still there and I “Load Animation” again and choose a different image that has 72 frames at a resolution of 2880x1440, instead of creating a project with 72 frames, it will be with 210 frames once again and the playback will be incorrect. From now on whenever I “Load Animation” with any image with any number of frames it will always create a project with 210 frames no matter what.

Now if I close and re open Pro Motion and start with loading an animation that contains just the 72 frames, 72 frames will be created and it will be correct. But from then on, without closing Pro Motion, each time I use Load Animation, no matter the size of the image and umber of frames to be created, it will always be a 72 frame project from then on.

Sounds crazy, I hope that makes sense!? I could also record a video of this happening too if you need it. Just let me know :smiley:


Hi Paul,

can duplicate this. It’s a bug :slight_smile:
Will fix with the next update (date not planned).


Cool, thanks for confirming! At least there’s a workaround and other options too!

Take care!


Fixed with upcoming 8.0.5