Feature request: Ability to store/restore more than 2 window layouts

As the topic says… I would love to be able to store and restore more than the current 2 layout configurations.
Right now I have both in use. One for painting landscape oriented painting, and another for portrait oriented paintings.
However, I would also like to create a separate layout for (for example) color palette editing. When I’m painting, I keep the Color Palette window fairly compact, to prioritise screen real-estate for the ‘Magnify’ and ‘Preview’ windows. But when I’m working on my palette, I prefer to scale it up quite significantly as that helps me to better read the individual color swatch relationships (the selection indicators actually really get in the way here, but that’s another story). Especially when editing really dark colours, having a large palette window is beneficial.
Another use case would be to have a different layout for animation.

So yeah… more than two stored layouts would be very useful. If this is something that can be added, then we should probably also have the ability to name the layouts, for organisation purposes.

Many thanks!

Hi @DutchDimension,

this is already there with V8 beta. You can define different window layouts. You can even attach them to projects etc. .


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Neat! It sounds like you’re way ahead of me and my feature requests. I really need to set up the v8 beta. Is it stable enough to do production work with?

There are only some issues that pop up here and there. But imho, the program as a whole is pretty stable. Not sure about the particular feature in this post though. Haven’t tested it myself yet.

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Well, it’s still a beta and there is a risk of bumping into an error. But I don’t know of any problems where you’d loose work.
But… if you use layer groups then you can’t load the project in V7. It will raise an error. There will be an update of V7 soon that ignores the layer groups.

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Cool! Thank you both.
Is there anything I need to be aware of running two versions side by side? Is there a way to import all settings and preferences? There’s a file export for hotkeys, but what about preferences and window layouts?

V8 creates a copy of all V7 settings automatically and are kept separately, so they don’t interfere.

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That’s a great feature. Real nice and friendly for the user. Great job!