File format of PMP files?

the tech documentation that covers the file formats doesn’t seem to include the .pmp file - it looks in hex editor like a bundle of other files all in a single file, but is the actual format documented anywhere?

Indeed there is no documentation yet. But actually most of the things are straight forward to understand or to “guess” :slight_smile:

A few hints: The pmp file is actually a zip file.
After unzipping you have different sorts of files such as:
Brush container. A bit more complicated. Hope you don’t need it :slight_smile:

Project control file.
It is a so called “Windows ini file”, see INI file - Wikipedia
It contains different sections and I bet when you have a look at all the settings then you will quickly find out yourself what they mean and which you might need while ignoring others.

Example sections…
Main settings of the project.
The tile map specific settings start with “tileMapping.” like tile width and height etc.

There is a layerCount and then a list of settings per layer.

The tile set as simple windows bitmap file. Just add “.bmp” as extension and open it with your favorite image viewer.

Tile codes, one by per tile, see Documentation | cosmigo

Pixel data of layer “X”. It’s just a FLC file holding all the pixel data for the frames of a layer. A good definition can be found here: The FLIC file format

Tile map data (tile indices) for every frame of the layer. File format “STM”: Documentation | cosmigo

I hope this helps you. If you have any more questions then please tell me.

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