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HoldingShift and brush problem


About 20 people are receiving ‘PromotionNG’ training in my company.

But similar problems keep happening. Fifteen out of 20 people have this problem.

first, Brushing with Holding Shift button(Draw horizontal, vertical lines) function is not working.
Holding Shift does not function in other tools such as LineTool, circleTool, and brush resize, and so on
only Shortcuts with shift is work.

and plus, Other programs (PhotoShop) have no problem with the Holding shift key.

This phenomenon occurs randomly but is frequently observed.
This issue cannot be resolved by rebooting the Promotion NG.
And this issue is random, regardless of the PC’s reboot.

I suspect WacomTablet is the most likely cause of this problem.

They’re all using ‘Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660’ and ‘Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-651’.
Other computer specifications are all the same.(win10. PromotionNG 7.2.5)
Only I’m using an old tablet (intuos3 PTZ-630) and it’s hard to find the Holding Shift problem.

Second, In rare cases, the brush turns into an eraser function.
Left Click becomes an eraser and I can’t draw anything. (Right click is unchanged. Eraser)
I checked the brush ‘mode’ and ‘selectionTool’, but the problem was not that.

Fortunately This issue is resolved by rebooting the PromotionNG.


This is a known issue, but I’m not sure what its status is.

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I haven’t experienced the problem in quite a while now, and had forgotten about it.


Hi @kwak

are you using the latest version (7.2.6)?
If so, may I send you a link to a special version that creates some log file so that I can better analyze the problem?



I’d very appreciate it If you’ll check it out.
I would like to send you a log if it helps you to figure out the problem of the program.
If you give me a link, We will send you the logs for each environment.